My Story

When I first decided to start a blog I was so anxious to share my story. To tell you my history and how I became the person I am today. This has been a struggle because there are people I have reconciled with that could be hurt badly if I “spill the bean” so to speak. So my heart says to protect them which makes for a not so interesting or juicy blog.
I had also decided to share my story as a mental health advocate because I strongly believe in standing and supporting families that have loved one that are dealing with mental health issues.
I have also had my own struggles with addiction, personality disorder and anorexia/bulimia (which is a physical issue with a huge mental aspect). However, I was somewhat reject by the mental healthy advocacy community on Facebook because I wasn’t promoting advocacy to the level that was expected.  I found myself discouraged because I have a dad with a mental illness that I have spent the last 25 years supporting and if that doesn’t make me a true advocate nothing will.
So I have decided that I will share aspects of my own life, daily events, and struggles I face. This may include things from my past and my advocacy for mental health.
Basically I will share with you what God leads me to share because the point of this blog isn’t just me or what cause I support… It is YOU.
It is giving glory to God and showing you how I have made it only by His grace! It is reaching out to you so that you will have a desire to reach out to Him.
I am here for you, to pray for you, to counsel with you. Never hesitate to reach out to me and don’t ever give up because there is always hope for your life! There is hope for your future! You are a warrior! Be blessed.
xoxo – Cindy